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Can you really get new teeth in one day?

Have you considered implant-supported dentures but are put off by the time and multiple dental visits involved?

Many can relate. Not only will it take months to heal from the extractions and surgery, but you’re not guaranteed to receive your teeth within a week. It can be disheartening and worrisome to go that long without teeth or in pain.

What if you don’t have to wait so long? What if you can walk out of the dental office with a brand new, beautiful set of teeth in just a day?

All on 4® dental implants is your solution. The procedure is a great alternative to traditional dentures, giving you a fresh smile within a day!

All on 4® dental implants – Get teeth in a day

Receiving the proper treatment required to get new teeth in just a day involves having both a dentist and denturist working together. At Twogether Dental, Dr. Iliana Paparisto and Denturist Meri Paparisto work closely in the same office to give you the care you need.

During the procedure, four implants in your upper or lower jaw bone (or both, if fully edentulous) will be placed by Dr. Paparisto. Impressions will then be taken and sent to Denturist Meri Paparisto, who will use them to create new dentures or reline the old ones to fit properly over the new implants.

If necessary, adjustments can be made after trying the new dentures on to ensure the best and most comfortable fit possible. That’s it – a new set of teeth in just a day!

Denture-retained implants are great because they are extremely secure and fit really well inside the mouth, unlike loose dentures, which can cause gingival sores. With retention being so good, your new dentures will actually be smaller – a denture plate won’t be necessary to cover your entire palate.


Benefits of All on 4® dental implants or Teeth in a Day

  • Immediate loading – Teeth in a Day means you will not need replacement dentures
  • Lower costs thanks to fewer appointments to your denturist and dental implants dentist.
  • No slipping
  • Comfortable and secure
  • You’ll be able to chew your food better, in turn improving your nutritional intake
  • Solve common denture pains
  • Help with dry mouth
  • Prevent jaw bone loss

Get long-lasting and durable dentures with the All on 4® procedure

Implant-retained dentures are a lot more comfortable than traditional. Not having to worry about loose or ill-fitting dentures while being out can bring a lot of security and peace of mind. All on 4® implant dentures can give you a beautiful new smile in no time!


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