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Teeth Cleaning Toronto

Teeth Cleaning Toronto

Worried about your families oral health? We've got it covered with care that's as thorough as it is friendly. Welcome to your best clean yet!

What's Included:

  • Deep cleaning/scaling
  • Surface stain removal
  • Teeth polishing
  • Periodontal exam
  • Gum pocket measurement
  • Fluoride treatment
Also Included:
  • X-rays (only when necessary)
  • Review your dental history
  • Oral hygiene recommendations

What Is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a preventative treatment performed by a dental hygienist that will:

  • remove plaque & tartar
  • remove surface stains
  • prevent cavities
  • check for gum disease
  • address causes of bad breath.

Top 3 Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

  • keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • identify and prevent future issues
  • address habits that diminish your smile

Healthy Vs Unhealthy teeth

Illustration of Healthy Teeth and Gums vs Unhealthy Teeth and Gums

Why Choose Twogether Dental?

At Twogether Dental, we prioritize prevention and proper maintenance to keep your families teeth clean and healthy. Through regular check-ups, we'll ensure you and your family avoid issues like gum disease that can result in tooth extractions, painful surgeries and ongoing medication.


Curious About Teeth Cleaning? Let's Clear Things Up!

Who Needs Teeth Cleaning?

Answer - Everybody! Teeth cleaning is very important for everyone including children, adults and seniors. It is particularly important for smokers, tobacco users and all patients with gum disease.

Can I have my teeth cleaned if i am pregnant?

Teeth cleaning is generally safe during pregnancy. Good oral health is crucial due to hormonal changes that can elevate the risk of dental issues. Inform your dentist about your pregnancy and share relevant information about medications or treatments.

how often should I have My teeth cleaned?

Patients are generally advised to schedule professional dental cleanings every six months. However, individual needs may vary, with some requiring visits every three months, while others may find appointments every nine or 12 months sufficient.

Are Teeth Cleaning's Painful?

Dental cleanings are usually painless as they involve no cutting or injecting. If a small cavity is detected, the dentist may drill and apply filling or sealant, leading to potential tooth pain for a day or two and some sensitivity.

How Will I know I need A teeth cleaning?

When you need your teeth cleaned, you'll often notice one or more symptoms including bleeding or inflammed gums, a puffy or tender gum area, persistent bad breath, unpleasant taste in your mouth and receding gums.

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Because every patient is different, dental cleaning costs vary depending on the amount of time needed to properly clean your teeth. For a deep dive on teeth cleaning costs, our lead hygienist Milena Hakani wrote a recent blog post entitled "Teeth Cleaning Costs Toronto".