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Are you looking for white fillings?

Unfortunately, even when you and your family take impeccable care of your teeth, cosmetic issues and tooth decay can still arise.

However, with the help of our specialist team at Twogether Dental, we can provide white dental fillings in Toronto that preserve your family’s smile for many years to come.

By taking care of your teeth, you’re investing in your overall health and well-being.

What are white fillings?

When you attend regular checkups at our dental office, mercury free dentist Toronto Dr. Paparisto will look out for any warning signs that indicate you could have a cavity.

If found, she’ll remove any of the decay and thoroughly clean your tooth before using a discreet white filling to close up the gap. These fillings match your tooth’s natural colour, offering a durable, resistant finish that will preserve your tooth for many years to come.


Why should you opt for amalgam-free fillings in Toronto?

At one time, amalgam fillings were very popular. However, many are now concerned about the potential health issues these fillings may cause. For example, they may discolor the enamel of your tooth and they can even corrode, which causes a number of other issues, including fractures.

That’s why it’s beneficial to consider replacing your amalgam fillings with white fillings, which are not only much safer and more durable but are far more affordable, too.


White fillings Toronto: Boosting your overall health

By choosing us for your white fillings in Toronto, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that you and your family will have brighter, whiter, and healthier smiles.

We’ll also provide helpful tips and advice on how you should look after your teeth so poor oral health doesn’t affect the quality of your life.