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Dental Crowns Bridges Danforth Toronto: Tooth replacement options

Is there a gap or imperfection in your smile? Then it’s time to renew your smile, and confidence, with dental crowns or bridges in Toronto.

Designed to restore the natural strength and look of your teeth, these cosmetic procedures are cost-effective, long-term solutions when having a filling isn’t enough.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Dental crowns are hugely popular because they not only last for a long time but also help fight off further decay and infections while restoring and strengthening your teeth. As they’re also available in different finishes (including porcelain, which emulates the natural look of your teeth), they provide an effortless, almost-invisible finish that gives you the confidence to smile again.

Alternatively, you may wish to go for silver, gold, or another precious metal for a unique look.


What’s involved in tooth repair with dental crowns?

A crown “caps” your entire tooth so it not only covers up any damage but helps recreate the shape of your tooth. This gives it its strength and durability while also restoring your smile.

Before the crown is fitted, we ensure any decay is removed and your tooth is thoroughly cleaned to provide a healthy base for the crown.

Who will benefit from dental bridges?

Dental bridges help restore any gaps in your smile by creating a “bridge” between two of your existing teeth and the missing tooth/teeth.

Not only will this let you smile with confidence again but it’ll also restore your face’s natural shape, enable you to eat and speak properly, and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting into the gap.


What’s involved in smile repair with dental bridges?

Crowns are placed on your natural teeth before a false tooth (or teeth) are fitted in between them. Again, these false teeth and crowns can be made from a number of different materials, including gold, porcelain, or alloys, depending on your personal preference.

Whether your tooth has suffered some damage or you’ve had to have a tooth removed, opting for dental crowns and bridges in Toronto will help restore your smile. They will also protect your teeth from future problems, e.g. gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Dental Crowns Bridges Danforth Toronto
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