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Sleep Disorder and Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

Sleep Better, Wake Rested Starting from $1350
Starting from an unbeatable $1350, our nighttime oral appliances are the most comfortable, convenient and affordable way to improve your sleep.
Start with a free consultation
Plus, get free teeth whitening
And our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why You'll ❤️ Your New Oral Sleep Appliance

Oral Appliance's Are The Most Comfortable Way to Improve Your Sleep
Top 5 Benefits vs CPAP Therapy
Easy to use
Easy to maintain

Patient Testimonials

Why You'll ❤️ Our Clinic

Get Personalized Care Every Step Of The Way With Dr. Iliana Paparisto
Dr. Iliana is an internationally trained dentist with more than a decade of experience practising dentistry. When you choose us for your Sleep Disorder treatment, Dr. Iliana will be with you every step of the way.
Here's 3 More Reasons You'll Love Our Clinic
Fast, flexible appointment times
Open saturdays and weekends
Steps from GreenP and the TTC
Dr. Iliana Paparisto
Dr. Iliana Paparisto has successfully treated dozens of patients with issues related to snoring, sleep disorder and sleep apnea.

How it Works

Start With a Free Phone Call
Talk to Dr. Paparisto to find out if an Oral Appliance is the right choice for you.
Schedule Your Digital Scan
Next, we'll do a quick and painless digital scan of your mouth and send the data to our lab.
Pick Up Your Oral Appliance
Finally, in about 2 weeks, your custom built oral appliance will be ready to pick up.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We don't want anyone to leave our office unhappy. Not ever. If there's something wrong with the quality or craftmanship of your Oral Appliance, we'll either fix it or repair it free of charge. If it's not right, we'll make it right. That's our promise to you.