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What is a sports guard?

Sports guards are commonly associated with sports, helping protect teeth from bumps and knocks that could result in oral injuries.

But did you know that a mouth guard could also help you stop grinding or clenching your teeth during the night?

Here at Twogether Dental, we provide a variety of custom mouth guards in Toronto. These are designed to not only protect your teeth but promote better well-being, too.


Looking for custom hockey mouth guards?

When you’re taking part in contact sports (e.g. soccer, gymnastics, football, ice hockey, or baseball) it’s highly advisable that you wear a mouth guard. Worn over the teeth, custom sports mouth guards protect your teeth from any injuries you may sustain to your mouth.

Additionally, you may benefit from custom night guards if you’ve been diagnosed with a problem of clenching or grinding your teeth at night (e.g. TMD).

What are the benefits of a custom-made sports guard?

It’s incredibly simple to get custom mouth guards in Toronto for you or your child. All you need to do is book an appointment so we can take a mold of your mouth. Once crafted, we’ll fit your mouth guard before showing you how to look after it properly.

Each mouth guard is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth without restricting your speaking or breathing.

With one of our mouth guards in Toronto, your teeth will be safer while you’re playing sports, and there’ll be less risk of jaw pain, headaches, or worn teeth caused by you grinding your teeth at night.

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