If you have tooth pain, does that automatically mean you need a root canal? 

It can be an indicator but it’s not the only one. 

Today, you’ll learn how to tell if your tooth sensitivity is a sign you need to contact your Toronto dentist, Dr. Iliana Paparitost, right away. 

What Are the Signs You Might Need Root Canal Treatment?

If you experience the following symptoms, contact Toronto dentist, Dr. Iliana Paparisto. Doing so will help you get relief and immediate root canal treatment (RCT) can help save your tooth. 

1. Intense, Persistent Tooth Pain

Tooth sensitivity can be an indicator of different conditions. However, intense, persistent pain is a good sign you have an infection or irritated/dying nerve. 

2. Gum and Tooth Swelling

Your tooth won’t swell but your gums can, typically when you have an abscess and infection. 

3. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold 

When the nerve is irritated or infected, you can experience sensitivity or intense pain when you eat hot or cold foods. 

4. Tooth Discoloration

If your tooth is darker (with a greyish hue) than your other teeth, it’s a sign the nerve has died. You’ll need an RCT to remove the necrotic tissue and prevent infection. 

Turn to Twogether Dental for State-of-the-Art Treatment  

Your comfort is top priority to your Toronto Dentist. Dr. Iliana Paparisto invests a lot of time researching the latest treatments, tools, and techniques so that she can provide you with optimal care. When you’re dealing with tooth swelling and pain, Dr. Paparisto is an emergency dentist that has your best interests at heart.  Is your tooth pain getting worse? Contact our office right away. We can help you get out of pain fast.