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Having your cavity filled might not be at the top of your list of things to do. However, treating it early could save your tooth and will also help boost your mental and physical health, too.


Why Will Getting Dental Fillings in Toronto Help Your Teeth, Mind, and Overall Health?

While you may feel as though your mouth is an entirely separate entity to your body, its health can have a direct impact on your overall well-being. Visiting us every six months will help eradicate many of these potential problems – and will allow us to offer you dental fillings in Toronto at the optimum time.

Cavities aren’t just painful at times, but can also cause serious infections and may even lead to complicated conditions, such as respiratory diseases and diabetes. Researchers are even trying to establish if poor oral health can be linked to heart disease and perhaps even pre-term birth weight (PLBW) babies​.

Good oral health helps promote good mental, physical, and social health, while also allowing you to eat, speak, and socialize without any self-consciousness or discomfort.

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Why Should You Replace Amalgam Fillings?

As well as having cavities filled, it’s also important to establish whether or not your existing amalgam fillings need replacing. Over time, amalgam fillings may corrode, discoloring your tooth’s enamel. And, as they corrode, they may also cause further problems and damage (e.g. fractures), which require more drastic measures, such as root canals or crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Having White Fillings in Toronto?

White fillings not only remove many of the risks detailed above, but they also help provide a much more discreet solution. Matched to the color of your teeth, white fillings are almost invisible, giving you the confidence to smile and talk as you normally would.

Furthermore, because white fillings bond to your tooth’s enamel, they’re resistant and durable. This provides you with a long-lasting solution that’s also more affordable than an amalgam filling. Plus, it will mean you won’t have to visit us as often – just for your biyearly checkups, of course!

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