One of the drawbacks of getting implant-retained dentures in Danforth, Toronto is the time. 

Traditionally, it’s not a short process. You must go through the implant surgery, then wait weeks (or even months) for the bone to heal, and then you get your dentures. Well, not quite. You go in for denture impressions. Then, in some cases, it can take four to six weeks to get your final set of dentures. 

Fortunately, there’s an option that is a much faster process: All on 4® Toronto, also known as “teeth in a day.”

All on 4® Toronto – What Are “Teeth in a Day”? Are You a Good Candidate?

How do you get teeth in a day? 

Dr. Paparisto uses an implant system called All on 4®. She places four implants in your jaw – the top, the bottom, or both. Then, she takes an impression and sends it to the denturist, who is able to fabricate brand new dentures. Toronto patients who already have full dentures can have their dentures relined to fit over the new implants. The process just takes a day!

To be a good candidate for these types of dentures, you need to: 

  • Be missing all or most of your teeth
  • Be in good health
  • Have enough jawbone to support the implants
  • Have healthy gum tissue
  • Be willing to practice good oral hygiene at home and see your dentist for regular professional cleanings of the implants

What If You’re Not a Good Candidate for Implant Dentures in Toronto? 

Not everyone is a good candidate for All on 4® Toronto implant dentures, and traditional dentures are still a good option. If you don’t have sufficient bone levels, your surgeon can do a bone graft and then place traditional implants once you’ve healed. While the process does take longer, getting implant-retained dentures are worth it in the long-run. 

Why Twogether Dental Is the Ideal Solution for Edentulous Patients 

One of the great things about living in Danforth, Toronto is that you get to be a patient of Twogether Dental. 

Why is this an advantage? Having an implant dentist and a denturist working so close together is more cost-effective and will save you a ton of time. 

When you’re ready to invest in All on 4® Toronto implant dentures, make sure you talk to the team at Twogether Dental first. 

Still wondering if you’re a good candidate for All on 4® dental implants? Fill out our “ask a question” form to send your question to us, or contact us to schedule a consultation with your denturist.