A crucial thing a family dentist in Toronto can teach their patients is that baby teeth are important. 

It’s easy to think they’re not since they eventually come out.  

However, they’re vital to your child’s oral health. How can you keep these little teeth healthy and strong? 

Your Family Dentist in Toronto Explains Oral Healthcare for Children

Baby teeth help your child chew and speak. They also serve as placeholders for permanent teeth, encouraging them to erupt (come in) properly and with ease.

If these teeth aren’t cared for, it can lead to: 

  • Pain
  • Gum Disease
  • Malocclusion
  • Speech Issues
  • Difficulty chewing

One of the best ways to ensure your child’s teeth remain healthy is to take them to a family dentist in Toronto like Dr. Iliana Paparisto. A family or kids’ dentist can catch and treat dental decay early, prevent decay with sealants, and help keep the gums healthy.

Why Good Oral Hygiene Is Vital for Baby Teeth

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy will help prevent problems down the road, both short- and long-term issues, such as: 

  • Dental infections
  • Pain
  • Dental decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss

Teach your child from a very early age how to brush and floss their teeth. Turn it into a game or choose a favorite song to brush to. Keep things fun, and you’ll ensure your child is more likely to continue caring for their teeth. 

Your child should start seeing our Toronto dentist office within six to 12 months of the eruption of your child’s first tooth. The Twogether Dental team will be happy to show you (and later, your child) how to properly brush and floss. 

The Whole Family Is Important to Your Toronto Family Dentist

Dr. Iliana Paparisto doesn’t limit her practice to cosmetic and intensive  restorative treatments. Dr. Paparisto wants to take care of the whole family. Parents, children, and grandchildren are all welcome at Twogether Dental. We welcome you to schedule preventative appointments for everyone. 

Has it been a while since your little one has seen a dentist? Contact our team to schedule an appointment. We’ll take good care of your child.

Are you ready for a new dental experience?